Solar Pool Heater in Orlando, FL

Solar pool heating is the most economically attractive option for heating pools.

In comparison with other pool heating technologies, the solar pool heater is:

  • The lowest annual operational costs (energy is provided for free by the sun)
  • The lowest maintenance costs (minimal if any)
  • The cleanest, safest, and quietest source of energy
  • Durable and longlasting  (no moving parts, no corrosion – almost always outlasting their warranties)







Solar Pool Heaters

  • Heat your pool to a warm and comfortable temperature
  • Extend your swimming season up to 10 full months
  • Add value to your pool and home

SunLight Solar uses the highest quality solar pool heating panels the industry has to offer. We use the Nuvis Solar Panels.

Because Nuvis Solar Pool Heating Systems use the Sun as their energy source rather than fossil fuels, they produce no pollution causing emissions. Doing your part to preserve nature’s beauty and conserving energy are good reasons to choose a Nuvis Solar Pool Heater, but did you know that Nuvis can also save you money?

Traditional pool heat systems run on either natural gas or electricity. Most home-owners do not realize that 86% of our electricity comes from – you guessed it, fossil fuels! There is currently a decline in affordable, high quality oil, coal and natural gas. Couple that with steadily growing demands for them as an energy source, and one sees why the price is increasing on a global scale. Fossil fuels prove to be not only environmentally harmful, but expensive.

Over time, your Nuvis system will pay for itself many times over when you consider the money you will save compared to the operational cost of gas or electrical powered heaters. No other type of pool heater can make that claim. Nuvis Solar Pool Heating Systems also install easily because they connect to your existing pool pump & filter.*

When you purchase a Nuvis Solar System, you ensure that you and your family will enjoy swimming and relaxing by the pool for years to come. You also ensure the same luxurious lifestyle for future generations.

Solar pool heater cost

Each system is unique due to roof orientation, pool size, shading, pool components and customer demands. A site visit conducted by a SunLight Solar representative is the best way to correctly size a solar system and determine cost.

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